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3 reasons to choose Ocean's commercial floor cleaning

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

A family business close to its customers

Maxime and Sophie, both from Quebec, are the founders of Ocean's cleaning. In search of a new challenge and a milder weather, they traveled across Canada to settle in Victoria in August 2018. They brought with them 15 years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial maintenance as well as their targeted expertise in floor restoration, such as stripping, scrubbing, polishing and waxing. They add to their expertise regular maintenance and post-construction cleaning. They stand out by their desire to be close to their customers. If you are asking for a free quote, or if you need advice on regular floor maintenance, you will definitely meet one or both of these specialist-owners. At Ocean's commercial floor cleaning, we understand that trust is an essential aspect!

We want to differenciate ourselves from the clean-up competition

Since Ocean's cleaning flooring experts are from Quebec, they know how to manage the most fickle floors. They have the necessary and effective experience to restore, but also maintain floors that face the worst weather such as calcium, snow, grease, mud and water. At Ocean's cleaning, we constantly improve our techniques and always use the most efficient products. We are now recognized in Victoria for our careful attention to details. The residue of dirt under the wax is innaceptable! It is the job of a floor cleaning professional to bring a floor back to its original state before applying new layers of wax. If you do not succeed, the customer's trust is broken. Use our services and see how Ocean's commercial floor cleaning stands out!

We respond quickly to your request

We understand that your time is valuable and you have other preocupations than maintenance of your floor. We will be happy to meet you quickly and at your convenience. We also guarantee that the work will be done as soon as possible. Our specialists offer a day, evening, night and weekend service, to adapt to our customers.

Call us for a free and no engagement quote 250-661-6660...Hope to meet you soon!

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